Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oh, the Norfolk Ward. For those of you lucky enough to have been in our ward, you know there just aren't words to describe it. "Busting at the seams" is a pretty accurate description. Sacrament meeting fills the chapel, the overflow and half of the cultural hall. Primary has 100 active children. Relief Society meets in the chapel. Priesthood meets in the cultural hall. No one meets in the Relief Society room. That all changed today.
After rumors and hype, the Norfolk Ward has been split into Norfolk 1 and Norfolk 2. The dividing lines are hard to explain. They meander to pull in priesthood and other groups to even the numbers. Our family is in the new ward, Norfolk 2. Hap Cluff is the bishop. Chris is the 1st counselor. Kurt Oborn is the 2nd counselor. Those are the only callings in our new ward. It will be interesting to see how it all works out from here. They had everyone in the new ward stand up and they released us as a group. There will be a lot of scrambling to call people in the next few weeks.
Rather than describing the boundaries, let's talk friends. Who's in whose ward???
Jenn- 2
Nancy, Jaesi, etc...-1
our new house-1 (who knows when we'll end up there??)

OK, so I know that doesn't include everyone, but you might be able to get an idea of boundaries based off of where these folks live. I'm just bummed that they didn't think it was necessary to name our wards. With all the great area names to choose from, they ended up with "1" and "2". Not good enough for me...I'm calling us the Splitsville Ward. It's gonna be great:)


morganne blair witchfield said...

you are added missy. so theres a 5 in your blog? no wonder it kept not working...

did you watch the video?!

Janice said...

Hey there! I responded to your comment on my blog - so I figured I would post it on yours too. I wish my children would behave as well as your children do on Sundays. I think they do great from what I can see. You really are supermom!

Butler Family said...

wow that sounds really crazy!! But I am sure your new ward will be just as nice!! I didn't know you had that many people in your ward. Well goodluck in your new ward and congrats to Chris for being in the Bishopric:) How exciting

Teresa said...

Bishop Chris in training, sounds about right. Exciting times in Norfolk. It would have been fun to be a part of that, as a member of the stake. Things will always be referred to as "before the ward split", OR "after the slpit" when telling church related stories. Good times.

jaesi said...

Ahh man!
When I talked to Paul today he said I had missed a big day....I thought there was a fight or something....I was way off.

I come home on Wed. This just means more get together with we can see each other.

LeAnn said...

Heidi! I was totally disappointed with the boring names also. tee hee hee

I thought it was funny to see everyone silently communicating with one another by putting up either one finger or two fingers all day long. Oh, and the sad or happy faces that went along with them.

LeAnn said...

I just read Janice's blog and thought I'd comment back here....

You'll just have to work on "the mommy look" for the kids or a special signal for Chris (to give them, even worse, "the daddy look"). Or, you could just leave them and come to the mother's lounge and hope that the people sitting around them will pull on their ears if they get out of hand.

I've seen all three work in our ward, um, in the Splitsville Ward.

Becky said...

We hold the Norfolk Ward as the gold standard for the most awesome, crazy, wonderful, legendary ward. It is nearly impossible for me to imagine it split! Are there 3 wards that will meet in that building now?

The Barton Family said...

You guys totally got cheated on those names! Who came up with those? I bet Nicole is sad she is one of the few in Norfolk1. New wards are fun.... just son't answer your phone till all those callings are filled.

Marie said...

Oh what big changes! I can't believe it. 100 active kids in primary now? Wow. We have like 25 here. Our nursery consists of 3 kids.

It's sad when you have to leave your friends! :( Good luck with all the new callings.

Little Hensley Fam said...

All I'm gonna say is... Hi new Relief Society President! lol!
I'm sure glad I got to miss all that, Jenn said I would've been in the other ward, I think it was easier just to move several thousands of miles away! ha ha! just kidding! I know you guys will all still be close no matter what ward you're in! By the way, that area is the only place I ever heard of that had different names for the wards... so I guess they're just trying to make you guys look "normal" now...;)

morganne blair witchfield said...

yeah i figured theres a place in hell waiting for me already. haha

Brooke said...

Gooooo Sharks ward!

Suzy & Josh's Family said...

Wow - That is so unbelievable! We were in the ward only 6 years ago. The entire primary only had about 30 kids. I'll bet we wouldn't even recognize the place. Are you guys ever going to get a new building that smells better?

By the way - I have loved reading your blog. It makes me miss Virginia.