Friday, November 21, 2008

twilight, the morning after

did I say, "...girls' night out, how bad can it be?"


anyway...girls (and john),
i had a ton of fun before that movie even started


shumaker clan said...

Thanks for a great night too. It was still a lot of fun even if the movie wasn't so great.

The Barton Family said...

What!?!?! I am leaving in 20 minutes to go- i shouldn't have checked your blog!!! I have been so excited all day! Check my blog tomorrow, wait till you see the t shirts I made, I can't wait to give to the girlies, they are a surprise.

Teresa said...

Bummer! I'm still gonna go see it though. Or is it just not worth it?

jaesi said...

you know what Im lovin...reading that people just "LOVED it!!!"

makes me laugh even harder.

I think we should make it a monthly thing to get out with all the wives...and husband :)

Brooke said...

Don't tell me you weren't head over heels for buggy-eyed Edward! Your photos are stunning! I'm waiting for you to post a bunch...or can I come over and look at them?

Travels said...

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