Saturday, August 22, 2009


ok, ok, i get it. it's super lame when all you want to do is stalk blogs and the lame-o's out there don't even have the decency to update once in awhile. i'm still have the photo-upload problem so it makes me not wanna blog so much. a good photo can seal the deal on a good post. right?

anyway, i am getting bigger. no need to show off that in a photo. i'm stretching my reg. clothes out. getting close to full-on maternity wardrobe. i look at flat tummies and get kinda sad knowing it will be a long time till i can wear those things again. this baby better be cute.

waffling on finding out. we didn't with harley or gracie. i love, love, love surprises and i think i can wait this one out. the children were excited to know the gender, but now they're not so concerned. a week or so more to decide.

new house is coming along beautifully. i need to try and upload the pics of that. so worth it. we never expected chris to have so much work this summer. our house isn't being finished, but we can't turn down the jobs. the brick and stone are all done and i get sad when i need to leave.

getting excited about school. all three. all day. this will be a great semester before the baby comes. i feel freedom i haven't felt in forever. i think i'll probably volunteer at the school.

food is back on my brain and in my tummy. i was not interested in the stuff for a couple months. making dinner was a chore. yes, even for me. happy to report...i am back. my food obsession is at a climax. i cook all the time and eat almost as often. craving spicy, flavorful foods. tomato/mayo sandwiches and fried egg/tomato sandwiches. every day. oh, and i made spicy okra pickles. awesome.

'bout to kick some neighbor punks to the curb. they stole our scooters and chris found one of them a block away on the sidewalk. betcha it was the skaters.

contemplating baby names. the ones i like, the children give thumbs down. thumbs down?? my mom had 10 kids and i can never remember giving a thumbs down! i don't expect them to love the names, but to oppose? if we went with their choices it would be Ashalissa Marie or Cowen Carlisle. any guesses who picked those?

i do love reading your posts. i haven't commented in awhile because whenever i check out the blogs, i look in the corner and realize i am logged into harley's account. don't feel like commenting under her name. really don't feel like switching accounts.

pics of the house to come soon. i promise.


Janice said...

I thought that maybe you were coming up on "2nd ultrasound" time soon. You look great - your baby bump is SO much smaller than mine EVER was!! Well, whatever you decided about ultrasound day, I'm sure it will be fun. Good luck and maybe compromise with the kiddos. You could pick the first name and they could pick the middle. That's what we did with Jocelyn.

jaesi said...

Cowen Carlizzle foshizzle! (manizzle)

3 all in school = me mucho jealous.

new house coming along = me mucho jealous (but a good jealous)

sorry about the punk thieves. Im so glad I dont have to worry about that as much anymore...i even leave the keys in my car...yikes!
cant wait for house pics.

Jenna said...

Oh I'm so happy you missing you horribly and it was so fun to read up on you. I love not finding out boy/girl until the very end, but that's easier said than done, good thing for me, one of us is always strong at the ultrasound. Cannot begin to imagine you not wanting to cook, but I'm sure all are happy now that you're back to your normal self. Three kiddos in school, woohoo, so happy for you and Jenn. Cannot wait to see the house, i'm sure it's beautiful! I need to call you, but it's usually too late when I have the chance, darn time zones. I will you guys!

Shawn and Mish said...

I have never seen a Robertson baby--I can't wait. My kids want me to name our baby boy 'La-la'.....ummm-no.

The Barton Family said...

I miss your comments! You were always the first to comment on my posts and I would always try to beat you making comments on others!! Glad you are feeling better. SOOOOO jealous all your kids are in school alllll day.

Marie said...

I am sure you look fabulous! You always do! :)

While I was pregnant with Mason, I always wanted chips and salsa. I went through jars of it!

Sorry about the scooters. Before we changed housing, we had some real stinker kids move in. One girl took Ethan's scooter and would only give it back if he gave her a popsicle!

Brooke said...

Thanks for the update, Heidi! I'm staying in Colorado right now and I will try and call and update you on our extremely crazy, upside-down life.

Jenn said...

Been there, done that, doing that about the blog thing. At least you have a good excuse, I'm just lame! Maybe with all the kids in school I will feel like posting more often. Maybe?! We will see.

Teresa said...

that was good stuff heidi. i love how you're feeling so much freedom with all 3 kids in school so you're going to go to school with them. i cannot wait to see pics of the house. we're hoping to start renovating a house soon. it's not on the water, but it's become my new obsession nonetheless. just waiting on the bank. anyway, i guess i should get on updating my blog too. you may have just inspired me.

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