Saturday, December 27, 2008

sew merry and bright

Christmas was a blast! From sporting the swimwear on Christmas Eve day to loads of gifts from the big guy to Jason's Deli with cousin Abigail...we are pooped! Check out the "sew cute" crayon roll I made for Gracie. We exchange names within our family for homemade gifts. Here's what Gracie got...

Stole the idea from my sweet cousin-in-law Elizabeth. She made these and linked the directions on her blog. Check it out here. Her skills are amazing and her new baby girl is going to be dressed in style:) {Snoop around enough and you can find the gorgeous dresses she made. }
This would've been cuter if my peeps had some pinking shears for me to do the zigzag cut on the top. I take the effort to run the dang machine and can't find ANYONE to mooch scissors off of! Thanks Hil. I'll get them from you later:)
Here's what some of the neighbors got. Cute little candy cane jars. Should've made one for us.
Here's what I got. Bright and shiny...

KitchenAid attachment
(**blurry picture alert**)
for making yummy fresh pasta. This, along with the extra dark chocolates...Heaven.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

wintertime blues

Winter around here can be so harsh. Fighting the elements day after day is enough to wear you out. Don'tcha just wish sometimes you could get out in the sun and enjoy a day on the water?

I mean, is it too much to ask to just take off your coat once in a while?
How many winters are we gonna have to spend doing this???
And then you gotta feel sorry for Harley. It must be tough to be a big sister to these goobers:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

the nightmare before christmas

'Tis the season...we all have our traditions and ways to celebrate the season. My mother spent some of her childhood in Germany and Spain. We celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th, the same way she did as a child. Before bed, the children place a shoe in front of the fireplace. We add goodies for the horse (carrots, apples, etc...). During the night, St. Nicolas comes on his horse and leaves treats in the shoes. The children usually get their own ornament and some candy. Simple, sweet, harmless enough.
Enter my brother-in-law Hans. From Holland. They, too, have St. Nicolas (Sinter Klass). They also understand the reality that St. Nicolas needs some helpers to get it all done. Those who can't get a personal visit from the big guy get a knock on the door from these guys....

Zwarte Pieten (Black Pete)
The children gather (hide) in the living room and prepare (brace) themselves for the visitors from Spain (Hell). They come with black faces, afro hair and jester costumes. Singing, shouting and throwing candy. Who wouldn't love that??
11 years of this, Harley's palms still sweat at the thought of their arrival. The children must come up in turn to get their stuff. You never know when one will grab and kiss you. Harley wasn't gonna let that happen. Back off Buster!

here's a throwback to Zwarte Pieten '98...recognize this guy??

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the winnners

Yea for holiday planners!! I had a lot of fun making these knowing I would be giving them away to some good friends. Like I said, the ones you will get are custom made especially for you. The paper and design are both different. I used the random number generator thingy, assigning each entry a number. Here are the winners and the planners they will get...



Congrats Ladies...

I hope you like your planners. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Shopping:)