Wednesday, April 29, 2009

terminally ill

yes, i'm alive. i wish i could say the same for my computer. the jitters it usually gets has me picking up the phone to get my "nurse" over for a check-up. thanks tim:) this time, it needed the "doctor", and that wasn't enough. they don't know what's up with it. i see it as a terminal illness. not quite dead. barely alive. i have my photos backed up. (thanks, alisha for the reminder.) i'm not worried about losing anything too precious, except for the computer itself. we've bonded over the past three years. i have come to rely on it for access to the outside world, blogging on a whim, downloading my favorite american idol tracks (oh...adam:). it has become part of me and i can't afford to replace it right now. not with a new house in the works.
so, i'm blogging from chris's computer and feeling a bit lonely without my bookmarked pages and password prompts that remind me of the personalization of MY OWN COMPUTER.
we are in the rental house and settling OK. the phone and internet should be hooked up this week. (thanks random neighbor for having a strong enough wireless signal for me to borrow today.) until then...boxes, laundry and lots of finger crossing.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yes, we are moving. This week. This post should probably include the hundred or so boxes, the carton of packing tape, the constant mess in every room (due to my cleaning strike until the BIG DAY). It should include as little as possible because my time is at a premium.
Going through room after room, box after box, reminds me of the little things that happen everyday that make our lives great. Here's a glimpse of our past week, ignoring the fact that we are moving and normal life just doesn't feel very normal right now.

Chris's garden is going strong with collards, peas, broccoli, spinach, lettuce...
here are some rosemary transplants soaking up the sun.

a trip to Jamestown with Marshall's class was a great distraction

and then there's Easter. one of the only sundays i was happy to have afternoon church. we finished it of with a wonderful meal at hilarie's house. the day was pretty much perfect, and i will always remember it being the calm before the (moving) storm.

Monday, April 6, 2009

twilight, revisited

when she was two, on a visit to my grandma's house, she watched "mary poppins" and fell in love with something called a movie.

when she was three, she saw "the little mermaid", learned every word to "part of your world" and fell in love with a princess.

when she was five, we had a girls night and borrowed mr. randolph's copy of "the lizzie mcguire movie". she felt like a big girl and fell in love with a star.

when she was nine, morganne was visiting and brought home a copy of "high school musical" for us to (finally) see. needless to say, she fell in love with a boy named zac.*A-VrutEgKLJgWInvY_/HighSchoolMusical201.jpg

just last saturday, the two of us tucked ourselves away in my bedroom and watched "twilight". the movie i panned, she praised. the actors i laughed at, she loved. the flaws i picked at, she ignored. she saw a movie about high school vampires, loved it fiercely, and is planning on watching it every night i will let her.

thanks, harley. it was much better watching it with you:)

she has to wait awhile to read the books. i think that's gonna be a long wait...