Wednesday, October 26, 2011


gracie had her blanket. that's about my only experience with this kind of thing. she received her blanket as a newborn and attached herself to it for the next 30 months. we were considering fashioning a backpack out of it in the event she couldn't part with it come kindergarten. her wedding dress may have been affected, too were it not for a bribery deal that involved a target shopping spree. who knew the equivalent of one's life security would be found in a vanity set, a barbie movie and a bratz doll?
well, here we are again and this time i am the perpetrator. this time i made the purchase.  asa's halloween costume came down to whatever the thrift store had in store for me yesterday.  as i turned the first corner and saw these bright yellow rain boots, i knew he would be a fireman. of course the rest of the costume came together in that store because that's the kind of day i was having. nothing slowing me down.
asa seemed to attach himself to these boots and little did i know...come naptime, my easy to sleep child turned psycho baby when i tried to pull off the boots. bedtime, same story. 

all i have to say, is it's a good thing these suckers are a couple sizes too big, cause it'll be a couple years before target bribery will stand a chance.

Friday, October 7, 2011


here i am. guess i should say "we". asa is never far from my lap or this here computer. we're back, in more ways than one. after our morning trip around the bay, chasing ducks, white egrets and anything else we happen upon, i took the time to dust off the site and delve into the blogging i've ignored for so long.

it's not that i haven't had anything blogworthy. it's not that i haven't had the time. FB is just too darn easy. period. sure, you miss out on the nitty-gritty. the details get reduced to a pithy one-liner view of your day. feasting on appetizers can be fun for awhile, but sooner or *much* later, you'll be craving the full meal.

speaking of meals, i'm still parking myself in the kitchen most hours of the day. today's ventures included french bread, tomato pasta sauce, bechamel and roasted zucchini. i'm thinking these babies will go together in a casserole dish for a cheater's lasagna with farfalle. chris works late tonight and i need something i can keep warm.

well, it's friday. the children are probably expecting a movie. i'm tiring on redbox/blockbuster express. maybe i can convince them to play a game with me. maybe a chocolate cake can sweeten the deal?  i'm thinking a one-layer deal, not too heavy on the frosting. they'll probably still expect a movie. it's getting harder to choose a movie with the age ranges so spread out.

thanks for stopping by. i'll be checking in on you more often. i always get my best ideas from you anyway. if you need me this weekend, you know where i'll be. here in the kitchen. baking bread, filleting fish, picking crabs, making dinner, cleaning up.