Saturday, July 5, 2008

happy 4th everyone

Did you have a nice 4th of July? Our was low-key, but filled with good food. The family really wanted to go see fireworks downtown. I knew that if we had a bunch of people over I would be too tired come time for the fireworks. So, Chris went to work and I stayed home and made lots of food. Our friend Michael came over and we grilled pizza and got stuffed. Here's a run-down of our day in pictures:

Breakfast was Red, White and Blueberry French Toast. I made it with homemade whole-wheat bread, blueberries and raspberries.

Then, I got to work on a batch of my Watermelon Slice cookies. They are made with a refrigerator cookie dough with a great almond flavor. The "seeds" are snipped raisins and sesame seeds. (I'll post recipe later.)

Grilled Pizza for dinner! Chris was busy working the grill and fixing the toppings. Mine was a tomato basil pizza with some sliced pumpkin blossoms from our garden.

The children enjoyed Rocket Pops for dessert! We made these with vanilla yogurt. One portion was tinted red. I added crushed strawberries for flavor. Another portion was tinted blue with frozen mini blueberries added. The last portion was plain vanilla. We took waxed paper and made cone shapes. They fit inside sugar cones and we filled the yogurt inside these in layers. To freeze, we cut holes in the sugar cone box to fit the cones. This held them upright in the freezer. We put a stick in each and they were ready to be frozen.
The grown-ups were not about to be outdone by the Rocket-Pop brigade. We enjoyed a Summer Berry Tart. This tart is filled with pastry cream and fresh berries. It was divine.

With full tummies, we headed out to see the fireworks. (Sorry about the lousy picture.) We left without checking the forecast and wondered why it was so easy to find a parking spot. An hour later, the fireworks were canceled. We drove home in the pouring rain. The children were so tired, no one complained!


The Martinez Family said...

We need the reciepes:) Those all looked so delicious!! I am glad you had a great fourth of july!!

The Barton Family said...

Sorry about the fireworks, but it looks like the food more than made up for it. You are so talented in the kitchen. My mouth was watering reading all about your food! Glad you guys had a good day.

Marie said...

What a bummer to not have any fireworks. But my comments echo the last two, your recipes look delish!! Those cookies are adorable.

We found out with Ivan's autism, that it helps him to be on a gluten and caesin free diet. Do you know anything about those? I would love to hear your ideas if you have any!

Little Hensley Fam said...

bummer about the fireworks! too bad you couldn't have made it to San Diego we had about 5 different views of fireworks all around! I'm sad I couldn't be there for the tale of desperaux book club, the soup and little mice looked yummy! =)

Harley said...

Make that tart again. I only got one piece!!! Don't let dad know we
have it, And i might sneak in 2 or 3 peices!