Tuesday, November 17, 2009

updates and important dates

pretty sad when you relish the breaking-down of the car one day and having a sick child home the next. love having a reason to stay home and not get dressed. got the pics i promised oh-so-long ago. we are awaiting a couple inspections on the house before the drywall goes up. from there, it shouldn't take too long.
ok, here goes...
the house looks done from the outside. makes the neighbors happy. looks different from before, ya think?
my favorite part, so far, is the porch. we couldn't find the door we wanted until chris stumbled upon this mahogany beauty unfinished at Home Emporium. it took awhile to finish it, but i love how it turned out. we're gonna have some ceiling fans out there, too.
once again, the reason we bought the place and uprooted our family.
i think it's worth it.

now, onto something of equal importance. i would be remiss if i didn't include my dear first-born and her recent celebration of 12 whole years on this earth. she's fun and brilliant and confident and sassy. i couldn't live without her and i wouldn't want to try.

twelve things you may not know about harley...
1. her middle name is susan, after my mother and sister.
2. she was only 5 lbs. when she was born. not early. just skinny.
3. when she grows up, she wants to be a commercial writer.
4. her favorite meal i make is stuffed red peppers and she drools for bruchetta, too.
5. currently, she's only 1/4 inch shorter than my 5'4".
6. one hour of her day is spent on the piano.
7. writing is her favorite subject but she thinks grammar is for the birds.
8. she's the last to go to sleep and the last to wake up.
9. a self-proclaimed choc-o-holic, she thinks nutella is a gift from God.
10. she gets her expensive taste in clothing from my sister hilarie.
11. my biggest critic and most fervent cheerleader.
12. thinks that the Twilight Saga is the new four standard works. (thus, her Rosalie costume for Halloween)

happy birthday Harley! sorry the power went out as i was making your birthday dinner and stayed off long enough to have to postpone your party. you have to admit, opening presents by candlelight is kinda fun :):):)


Janice said...

the house looks great! so sorry I missed Harley's first Sunday in Young Women!! Mel was a bit under the weather. I look forward to her first Thursday night activity though!

LeAnn said...

Happy birthday, Harley! I'll miss your smiling face in primary!

Teresa said...

sweet! the house looks great! i'm so excited for you!
harley is one great girl. if i had a daughter, i'd only be so lucky to have one like her.

Jenna said...

Your house looks awesome! I cannot wait to see it in person one of these days when I make it back...you certainly know how to make a house a home and everyone who comes inside can feel it. I'm so excited for your family, having the chance to live on the water...so wonderful.

As for that Harley girl, turning 12...wish I could give her a big welcome hug into Young Womens!!! It seems like not long ago at all, I had her at my house for joy school, hard to believe so many years have passed so quickly. Harley...happy birthday, I know you will go far in life and so many good things await you!

Love and miss you guys!

Shumaker said...

I love the house. I am glad that it seems like it is winding down and you may actually be in it sooner then later. Harley you are an amazing young woman and I bet opening presents by candlelight was thrilling. Not every day or birthday that you can say you had to do that.

jaesi said...

Leah is still a bit obsessed with Harley. Its cute.
She talks about when we all move to Utah together...

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Tori said...

What a blessing to have SUCH a handy fella for a hubby! Wow, Harley is in YWs!! I'm amazed.

How is life with a Bishop? :)

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