Sunday, October 26, 2008

hunt club

Yesterday, my boys went hunting with the Hafer boys. They woke up in the dark-earlies without my help. (Why can't it be this easy on a school day?) With a hug and a kiss from mom, the trip began.
Marshall got a gun for his fifth birthday, but hasn't used it much. Sam is a much more experienced marksman. After some target practice, they settled in the woods and waited for their prey...that'd be the squirrels. Unfortunately, they were no where to be found :( I think they knew the big guys were coming and got outta the way!

Shucks...we'll just have to wait on that squirrel stew. Harley is sooo bummed!


Teresa said...

I think it is so hilarious that the men in your family are hunters, you are a self trained butcher, and a vegetarian. Such a unique combo of qualities.
What would go good with squirrel?

Janice said...

How fun! I knew a lady back home that would make squirrel pot pies. She promised me one sometime, but she passed away. I guess I'll have to try one in the next life! =0)

The Winns said...

Yummm...Dad would be so proud!

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