Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween and all the rest

The Halloween run-down:
Marshall was Theodore to Nate and Alec's Alvin and Simon.
Harley and Alison hung out together as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Gracie let me doll her up up as our favorite storybook character,
"Fancy Nancy"...the butterfly version:)...thanks Nicole for
helping me curl up that hair!
With the first fistful of treats consumed on Halloween,
you know the holidays have officially begun.

Here's to Harley's birthday,
just two weeks away.
Here's to turkey dinner,
done the vegetarian way.
Here's to endless baking,
and eating what you made,
Here's to all the shopping
and ignoring what you've paid.
Here's to decorations,
not seen since January 1.
Here's to my holiday planner,
helping me get it all done.
I vow to make it fun this year,
I promise not to stress.
And maybe, just maybe with any luck,
it'll all turn out a success:)

are you ready??


jaesi said...

and Fancy she was!!!
great costumes.

Bring on the holidays!!!!

Teresa said...

I'm so not ready.
But I would like to know about this "holiday planner". Do you have a secret to your success?

heidigoseek said...

check back soon...i'll post my holiday planner

The Winns said...

The kids look great! Gracie's hair is truly "fabulous". I did post a pic of my kids just a minute ago, I think you'll get a kick out of it. Anyway, we love you, and bring on the holidays!

hdayton said...

So cute! What great costumes. I hope you all had a great time.

As soon as Caroline gets some hair you will have to teach me the tricks!

Great job!

morganne blair witchfield said...

censorship? anyone? anyone? haha...

Little Hensley Fam said...

too cute, and very fancy Gracie! Oh why do you have to mention Birthdays because Eliza's birthday is coming up soon too as you know! Then Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.... AAAH! I'm not ready!

The Winns said...

Okay, so you and Hilarie had to notice the pumpkins...of all things. Anyway, we had to carve early because Paul left on a very long trip and just got back yesterday. We sacrificed nice pumpkins so that we could carve with dad. I am glad to see you have such an eye for detail. :)

allyn said...

how poetic are you?! i want to come to your house for Christmas dinner. i am pretty sure it will be waaaay better than what i am fixing and even way better than what my mo-in-law will fix.
great costumes and good luck with your plans