Thursday, February 9, 2012


if this was my birthday, i'd be old enough to {finally} drive. i would be getting ready to run some errands with mom so that my sisters could decorate for my surprise birthday party complete with volleyball, guacamole and frozen yogurt pie. i'd be anxious the whole way home because i figured about the party and i'm not good at faking surprise. i don't like added attention on me, so that would add to the butterflies. i would, however, love the green peace-sign tee shirt given by my sisters' friends who had taken a liking to me. i would wear out the "anything box" cassette and dance my legs off to 'living in oblivion'. i would always be grateful for people who love me and were willing to show it.

well, it's not my birthday, but i am sixteen. sixteen years married, that is. old enough to drive this marriage on and on forever. old enough to wake up early and make my husband breakfast and prepare his favorite foods for a quick dinner before youth night at church. old enough to get butterflies knowing we'll have the chance to go out this weekend, if only for a couple hours before he has meetings saturday night. old enough to know that the best gift i could receive is chris coming home early today to finish the fence for the chickens. old enough to appreciate the road we've traveled and how very far we have left to go. 

sixteen is pretty sweet.


Heather said...

Love seeing those wedding pics of yoou guys. It looks like it could be a picture of Harley and Marshall!
When I read the title, my first thought was "Harley can't be sixteen already?" I guess she won't be too far behing though!
Happy Anniversary

Stacey said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding pics :)

Teresa said...

happy anniversary you guys! that second pic reminded me of our wedding photos, minus the exit sign in the background. such a cute couple.:)

LeAnn said...

Happy anniversary!!!

You guys share the same day (and year) as my niece and her husband. She is a young thing (32) and was commenting on how she's been married half her life. lol

heidigoseek said...

thanks ladies. you are all too sweet. leann: holy moly! 32!?!? wowza (:

jaesi said...

I love this. Happy 16! thats amazing lady!