Thursday, March 8, 2012


sometimes, you can mention your need to replace the felt chair pads on your all-too-old kitchen chairs. and sometimes your husband will suggest picking up the pricey plastic ones. "i'll screw them in and we won't have to deal with the felt ones anymore, hon", he says. umm...cha-ching...but it'll be so worth it. and sometimes you can go with the plan and then wait. for, i'm not sure what, but wait and wait. *sigh*
sometimes that can happen.
but sometimes, you can casually acknowledge his desire to have a greenhouse. you can helpfully remind him of the stacks of old windows he's collected from a recent replacement job. you can share with him a great idea found on pinterest for using reclaimed windows to create a greenhouse.
(courtesy of
can anyone say, "so cute!"? thought so.
anyway...sometimes, that kinda conversation would make his eyes glaze over and wonder what the heck "pinterest" is. but then, some other times, he nods with approval. he throws out some pros and cons. he leaves for work. and then he comes back early to create this...

it's not a greenhouse. it's a hothouse. smaller. convenient for starting plants, with a hinged roof for easy access. the large greenhouse was a bit daunting with all that glass and with all those baseballs. and sticks. and rocks. and boys., this is the baby that was born of my mere suggestion.

the chair pads? well that someday hasn't come yet. but, feel free to come by and check out my hothouse. if i invite you in for a glass of water, however, you may want to gently scoot the chair back when you're done. wouldn't want to leave a scratch. would we?


Teresa said...

that is so hot! i love it! you are a lucky girl. i know you guys will be growing some tasty salad greens in there.
funny you mention felt pads. i just changed all mine yesterday and was thinking there has to be a better way.

Shawn and Mish said...

That is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! You two are awesome!