Wednesday, April 18, 2012


there's a trend around here. i see a need, find it's fulfillment on the web, create it's ugly cousin using scraps lying around the house, fall in love.
 here we go...

kindle in need of cover. heidi in need of the $ for kindle cover. that's how these things begin.

i started with a sock. i thought it might work. it fits snug and can be wrapped around. ignore the flower at the top. it'll come into play later.
scootch it down almost to the bottom. there should be the tip of the sock left empty. this will be folded up over the kindle buttons. at least that's where they are on the kindle touch.
stretch the top of the sock up and over as if you were folding the sock into pairs, creating a cuff.
i made a felt flower for the front. it can detach for washing the sock.
this thing looks a bit homeless, but it is perfect for me. i can slip my kindle into a handbag without worrying about scratches. it can withstand a mild drop. it can be changed out whenever my sock preference changes.

so, from that mild victory to another. even more ugly. remember this post? the one about my chair pads. well, the stars aligned and the pricey plastic discs were mounted on my chairs. it happened one night when i went out with a friend. wow. i should go out more often. anyway, i reveled in the freedom of having permanent pads on my chairs. wondered what took me so long to do this. scooted the chairs back and forth without care. felt like having a dinner party. a few days later i went to scrub the floors and to my horror, they were scratched worse than ever. the discs had developed sharp edges and had done their damage. what the...?!? seriously.
so, this is how the ugliest of ugly projects was born. i found some negelected americana fabric in the depths of my attic. made nice with the sewing maching and set to work.
24 double circles sewn together with zigzig stitches. i took extra fabric and folded it over and placed in the middle of each circle for padding.
cupped it over each chair leg and secured with a rubber band. i am not even kidding.
my chairs have socks. they don't even match my tablecloths, walls, anything. i have had them for a good three weeks now. maybe more. these babies are holding up and going strong. no scratches, dragging, nada.  i can wash them, replace them. whatever.
this cheap girl is on a tear.