Monday, June 9, 2008

did i mention i have 4 children?

Meet the newest Robertson child. (She is also the oldest) Confusing? Not if you are the mother of a "tween" girl :) Harley and Alison are inseparable. They ride to and from school together and are within bike-riding distance from each other's house. Alison will be moving on to 6th grade in the fall, leaving Harley in 5th...good thing Ghent School is K-8th:)
If you keep up with our blog throughout the summer, you'll be seeing a lot of these two!

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Teresa said...

Oh Heidi! I'm so excited that you have started a blog! You are so good at it too! You beat me to the SVU post. I'm still working on mine.
BTW, Allison and Harley are so darn cute!