Tuesday, June 10, 2008

piano recital

Harley and Marshall had their piano recital last night. It was at Salem United Methodist church in VA Beach. They practice everyday, and are very determined to do their best. We are all so proud of their efforts. Marshall played "Ode to Joy" and "Russian Sailor Dance", a duet with Chris. Harley played "Fiesta Days". Here's the video of the recital... (Sorry, the edited version wouldn't upload. You get the version straight from the camera.)


The Barton Family said...

I am so impressed!! And Marshall can read?? I'm glad we don't live close any more my kids would look pretty silly pretend playing the guitar and pretending to read next to your smarties!!

The Martinez Family said...

How amazing!! We miss you guys so much its amazing to see the little ones grow up so fast!!