Wednesday, June 18, 2008

only one year left?

Marshall and Nate...what can I say? These boys have been best buds since they were born. They claim to be brothers because Marshall's middle name is the same as Nate's last name. Makes it pretty convenient for adoption, huh? Unfortunately, his parents would never agree to give him up. We've been lucky; most medical student families only stick around for 4 years. We got to have them around for residency, too. They will be moving to St. George next summer, leaving us to ask, "Where has all the time gone?"
Nate came over today and the boys had a great time playing. It's funny to hear them reminisce about when they were little. The things they remember would never cross my radar at the time; they seem hilarious now.
So, here's to my boys and here's to one more year of making memories for a lifetime.


Teresa said...

Is that Jenna's boy? Great pictures to treasure.

marie said...

Wow, Nathan looks so tall! They grow up so fast!

The Barton Family said...

It took me awhile to realize that was Nathan! He is so big! We need to get Jenna blogging.