Saturday, June 28, 2008

we're back

Hello, again! We've made it home and we're happy to be back. The trip was nice. The funeral was a really good experience. It is always nice to reconnect with distant relatives; even under sad circumstances. We enjoyed the laughter and stories that celebrated the life that Archa lived. We stayed for three days at Fairy Stone Park cabins. The park is simply beautiful. Each morning we were greeted by deer right outside the door. They aren't afraid; they know they are protected. We spent the day of the funeral in Floyd, where Archa's farm is. As you'll see in the pictures, we walked around the land, played in the creek and climbed in the hay barn. The conversations with friends and family lasted till bedtime. It was a full day.

Harley became fast friends with her third cousin, Katelyn.

Marshall with cousins Landen and Austin.

The next day was spent at the Fairy Stone lake. They've made a nice beach for the children to play around. If you wonder where Marshall is in the beach pictures, he's off fishing. By himself. All day. That would be from 10:30-6:00. Yup, he's obsessed! The canoe ride with dad was after the beach was closed for the evening.


Butler Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Glad you made it back safely!

Marie said...

What a fun time. It looks like everyon enjoyed themselves. :)

Harley said...

i wish i wuz stil ther !!!